the Detroit REVIVAL Project will bring together local artists to collaborate in a shared performance space in order to build a stronger arts community in Detroit.  


The ConTempus musicians and ArtLab J dancers are seeking submissions of short work(s) by Michigan-based composers. While not mandatory, works related to or inspired by various landmarks, scenes, stories, and spirits of Detroit, Michigan will be given priority consideration. The final selection(s) will be read, choreographed, and rehearsed in a workshop setting, then performed publicly and recorded live. 

Members of ConTempus will be performing an originally composed piece of music by artist along with ArtLab J's Summer Dance Lab dancers creation at the Detroit Dance City Festival.

After the performance there will be a talk back with both Members of ConTempus, and the dancers and guest artist from the Detroti Revival Project. The program will last a total of 45 minutes

In collaboration with Summer Dance Lab (August 2 - 9, 2018), an 8 day program of workshops, creations, and a performance where dancers have the opportunity to work closely with guest artists. After class dancers will have the opportunity to be a part of the creation project through one of the two pieces that will be created during the 8 days. 

About Members of ConTempus:

ConTempus Initiative is a Mid-Michigan based contemporary music ensemble. ConTempus musicians are committed to finding a balance between standard repertoire and newly commissioned works to present performances that connect with today’s audiences. Since its founding in 2014, ConTempus Initiative has established an annual collaboration with ArtLab J and professional and student composers to present Detroit REVIVAL Project performances. Drawing on the member's wide-ranging careers as performers, composers, educators, and scholars, ConTempus' principal activities include commissioning new works, discovering unpublished works by living composers, collaborating with other forms of art, and presenting educational workshops and community outreach.